Other hybrid integrated circuits


Type Description Case PDF Shop
WDC002 Comparator
WNB006 D.C. voltage converter 5V/2×15 V
WNB033 Voltage indicator
WNB035 Thyristor phase control
WNC011 Discriminator
WNC012 Switch-detector
WNC018 Evaluation circuit
WNC032 AVC amplifier and detector
WQZ005 Rectifier circuit with Schmitt trigger


Type Description Case PDF Shop
WTA017 Double-balanced modulator
WTA018 Double-balanced demodulator
WTA019 Single-balanced modulator
WTA020 Single-balanced modulator
WTA021 Signalling transmitter


Type Description Case PDF Shop
WTB001 Pyroelectric infrared detector with pyroceramic chip
WTC002 Incremental divider
WTD001 Voice-frequency dialling detector
WTD015 Signalling circuit
WTD044 Batery voltage signalling
WTE004 Ferrite transistor element
WTE005 Ferrite transistor element

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