Digital hybrid integrated circuits

Switching circuits

Type Description Case PDF Shop
WNA002 Power switch
WNB002 Hybrid interval switch
WNB008 Digitron anode controller
WNB011 Switching element
WNB018 Switch
WNB031 Relay switch
WNC024 Short-circuit-proof switch
WNC026 Reversing switch
WQZ004 Power switch
WQZ015 Current switch
WSH432 MOSFET switch
WSH433 Triple MOSFET switch
WTA003 Digitron switch
WTA010 Shaping and switching network
WTA013 Switch
WTA028 Switching circuit
WTA029 Switching circuit
WTA032 Transistor switches
WTC011 Dual power switch
WTD007 Signalling switch
WTD012 Switching element
WTD017 LED signalling switch
WTD032 Flip-flop circuit and switch
WTE009 Current switch


Type Description Case PDF Shop
WNB004 Schmitt trigger
WNC001 Schmitt trigger
WNC002 Flip-flop circuit
WNC003 Flip-flop circuit
WNC004 Flip-flop circuit
WNC006 Flip-flop circuit
WNC017 Pulse counter flip-flop circuit
WNC033 Bistable trigger
WND008 Single-shot trigger circuit
WQZ002 Flip-flop circuit
WQZ003 Dual flip-flop circuit
WQZ006 Monostable trigger circuit
WTA043 Schmitt trigger
WTD006 Schmitt trigger
WTF001 Single-shot trigger circuit
WTF003 Single-shot trigger circuit

Logical circuits

Type Description Case PDF Shop
WDD005 Output register-memory
WDD011 Blocking circuit
WDD012 Comparator
WDD016 Funcion operating device
WDD017 Number-to-time interval converter
WDD018 Pulse indicator
WDD019 Pulse generator for A-memories
WDD020 Control pulse generator for B-memories
WDD022 Receiver transmission control
WDD025 Program byte memory
WDD026 Buffer stage
WDD027 Program byte memory control
WDD028 Program digital storage control
WNB001 24V nor circuit
WNB003 24V nand circuit
WNB005 Indication decoder
WNB006 Indication decoder
WNB007 Printer decoder
WNB009 Two-input NAND gate
WNB010 Inverter with an open collector
WNB025 NAND gate
WNB026 24V nor circuit
WNB044 Four-input or gate
WNB046 Timer
WNC007 Logical signal transmitter
WNC008 Logical signal receiver
WNC016 Pulse counter
WQZ013 Short-circuit-proof converter
WQZ014 Four-input conjuction gate
WQZ021 Three-state exciter
WSH351 Comparator
WSH352 Comparator
WSH421 Exciter
WTA004 Two-input NAND gate
WTA005 Double inverter
WTA040 Incremental divider control circuit
WTC010 TTL input
WTC014 Pulse edge alternation watcher
WTC018 Adressable switch matrix
WTD002 Inverter pair
WTD003 Inverter
WTD004 Four-input NAND gate
WTE001 Pulse generator
WTE006 Logical separating element

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