Analog hybrid integrated circuits

Analog hybrid integrated circuits


Type Description Case PDF Shop
WDB001 Amplifier control circuit
WDC001 Dual operational amplifier
WDC003 Input amplifier
WDD003 Mixer amplifier
WDD004 Audio amplifier
WDD029 Bioamplifier
WNB012 Low-frequency output cascade
WNC005 Compression amplifier
WNC014 Microphone amplifier
WNC015 Audio frequency amplifier
WNC019 Automatic volume compressor
WNC030 Symmetrical amplifier
WNC031 Preamplifier
WND012 Correcting amplifier
WQZ007 Pulse amplifier
WTA002 Indicating amplifier
WTA006 Controlled audio frequency amplifier
WTA014 Group amplifier
WTA030 Filter amplifier
WTA034 Emitter follower
WTA035 Input circuit
WTA038 Amplifier
WTC001 Differential video amplifier
WTC004 Pulse amplifier
WTD005 Alternating-current amplifier
WTD009 Intermediate-frequency amplifier
WTD013 Amplifier
WTD014 HF amplifier-mixer 465 kHz
WTD016 Output cascade I
WTD026 Telephone repeater
WTD027 Hearing-aid amplifier
WTD034 Active low-frequency filter
WTD035 Intermediate-frequency amplifier 465 kHz
WTF013 Modulation amplifier


Type Description Case PDF Shop
WDD007 Pulse generator
WNB017 Sawtoothgenerator
WQK003 Buttler oscillator
WTA001 Voice frequency dialling oscillator
WTD031 Acoustic signal generator
WTD033 Triggering circuit
WTD038 Oscillator

Voltage regulators

Type Description Case PDF Shop
WHB013 Voltage regulator +10 V
WQK402 Stable voltage and current regulators
WQK403 Stable voltage and current regulators
WSH913A Dual voltage regulator ±12 V (±14,8…±15,2 V)
WSH913B Dual voltage regulator ±12 V (±14,8…±15,2 V)
WSH914 Voltage regulator +5 V
WSH924A Reference voltage sources +4,9 V (+4,895…+4,905 V)
WSH924B Reference voltage sources +4,9 V (+4,890…+4,910 V)
WTA011 Voltage regulator ±15 V, +12 V

Selective circuits

Type Description Case PDF Shop
WQD100 Non-parametric gyrators
WQD101 Non-parametric gyrators
WQF100 Active band-pass filter 300…3000 Hz
WQF116 Active bandpass filter 780 Hz
WQF117 Active bandpass filter 1030 Hz
WQF118 Active bandpass filter 1100 Hz
WQF119 Active bandpass filter 1360 Hz
WQF120 Active bandpass filter 1650 Hz
WQF121 Active bandpass filter 2070 Hz
WQF122 Active bandpass filter 2420 Hz
WQF123 Active bandpass filter 3030 Hz
WQF124 Active bandpass filter 3650 Hz
WQF200 Active low-pass filter
WQF300 Active high-pass filter
WQU001 Low-input operational amplifiers
WQU001 Active element of all-purpose filter
WQU002 Low-input operational amplifiers
WQU003 Low-input operational amplifiers
WQU005 Operational amplifiers
WQU006 Operational amplifiers
WQU201 Operational amplifier triple
WQU202 Operational amplifier triple
WQZ012 Passive element of all-purpose filter
WSH531A Measuring amplifier (gain error 0.1 %)
WSH531B Measuring amplifier (gain error 0.2 %)
WSH531C Measuring amplifier (gain error 0.3 %)

Operational, measuring and sampling amplifiers

Type Description Case PDF Shop
WDB002 Operational amplifier with compensations
WSH111 High-speed operational amplifiers
WSH112 High-speed operational amplifiers
WSH115 Pulse operational amplifier
WSH117A FET pulse operational amplifiers
WSH117B FET pulse operational amplifiers
WSH117C FET pulse operational amplifiers
WSH125 Current booster
WSH216A Instrument operational amplifiers
WSH216B Instrument operational amplifiers
WSH216C Instrument operational amplifiers
WSH217A FET pulse operational amplifiers
WSH217B FET pulse operational amplifiers
WSH217C FET pulse operational amplifiers
WSH218A FET operational amplifiers
WSH218B FET operational amplifiers
WSH218C FET operational amplifiers
WSH219A Accurate FET operational amplifiers
WSH219B Accurate FET operational amplifiers
WSH219C Accurate FET operational amplifiers
WSH220A Simple FET operational amplifiers
WSH220A Simple FET operational amplifiers
WSH220B Simple FET operational amplifiers
WSH222B Modulating operational amplifiers
WSH222C Modulating operational amplifiers
WSH223A Electrometric operational amplifiers
WSH223B Electrometric operational amplifiers
WSH223C Electrometric operational amplifiers
WSH526A Accurate measuring amplifiers
WSH526B Accurate measuring amplifiers
WSH526C Accurate measuring amplifiers
WSH527A FET measuring amplifiers
WSH527B FET measuring amplifiers
WSH527C FET measuring amplifiers
WSH528 Simple measuring amplifier
WSH530A Accurate measuring amplifiers
WSH530B Accurate measuring amplifiers
WSH530C Accurate measuring amplifiers
WSH540 Sampling amplifier
WSH541 Sampling amplifier

AD and DA converters

Type Description Case PDF Shop
WNC041 8-bit D/A converter
WSH560A 8-bit D/A converter
WSH560B 8-bit D/A converter
WND022 10-bit D/A converter
WSH570A 8-bit A/D converter
WSH570B 8-bit A/D converter
WSH572A 12-bit A/D converter (15 ppm/K)
WSH572B 12-bit A/D converter (30 ppm/K)
WSH572C 12-bit A/D converter (50 ppm/K)

Passive circuits

Type Description Case PDF Shop
WK68124 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68150 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68151 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68153 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68154 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68163 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68164 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68165 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68166 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68167 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68168 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68169 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68178 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68179 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68180 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68181 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68182 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WK68183 Accurate metallized plate resistors
WUP100 Layer attenuators
WUO200 Layer attenuators
WDA005 Detector
WDA006 Comparator input circuit
WRR101 Resistance element 50R…80R
WRR102 Resistance element 2k5…5k
WRR103 Special-purpose resistor
WRS105 Printed resistor
WRR201 Separating resistors
WRR400 Adapting mini-module
WRS401 Adapting mini-module
WRS402 Adapting mini-module
WRS403 Adapting mini-module
WRS107 Adapting mini-module
WRS108 Adapting resistors
WRS305 Protecting resistor block
WRS206 Resistance field
WRD101 Bus adapting dividers
WRD304 Digitron divider
WCS200 Block of condensers
WRC001 Correcting element
WRC005 Ending resistors
WDE001 Diode element
WDE005 Diode element
WDE002 Diode element
WDE006 Diode element
WDE003 Bridge rectifier
WDA001 Adapting mini-module
WDA003 Diode element
WDA004 Diode element
WDB003 Input signal adaptation
WRS… Resistor networks

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